John Carter

John Carter VFX Shots from Rasik Gorecha on Vimeo.

VFX Breakdown

John Carter VFX Breakdown from Rasik Gorecha on Vimeo.

This was a small freelance job I was asked to do on John Carter. My role was to setup and render a predefined morphing style to the ‘Thern’ (shape shifting) characters. I was provided the 2D plates of the Thern characters morphing from one person to another. I modelled and rotoscoped the morphing character using a standard IK rig and shape animation. I then created weight maps, curves and targets over the 3D rotoscope that I could plug into a supplied ICE compound. This created a network of strands that would grow over the character throughout the morph. The ICE compound was then tweaked for timing and look accordingly.

Autodesk Softimage, ICE, Nuke