Richard Hammond’s Journey to The Centre of The Planet

For this two part BBC show, I was predominantly working on creating a shader that worked with Lola’s earth setup in Softimage to drain the earth’s oceans revealing a waterless planet. Using hi-res bathymetry data and procedural maps we were able to illustrate in great detail the terrain that is submerged below our oceans.
As part of the draining setup I created a Nuke script to composit the various rendered passes.

00:33 is a shot from a sequence I worked on which illustrated the interior the structure of the earth.
00:40 is a shot in which I used a simple Softimage ICE compound to add the growing clusters of diamonds along the channels of lava as it forces its way to the surface of the planet.
00:54 is a shot in which I was responsible for setting up and animating the movement of new oceanic floor which is produced at the mid ocean ridge. As it spreads, it buckles under immense pressures.

Additional duties included previz, animation, lighting, and compositing

Software: Autodesk SoftImage, ICE, Nuke, Photoshop

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